I was recently walking past my favourite coffee shop, closed and at night (they don’t need any more customers, but its name is OLS ) and noticed the owner Dave mopping the floors.

I thought, well here he is, late at night, doing the most medial task but keeping up standards, when he has lots of staff at all levels.

The next day I complimented his on his application to the most basic of jobs even though he was “the boss” and he said that for all the “Masterschef” moments of being a successful café founder and operator, you need to always attend to the fundamentals that got you to success.

This resonated with me in my business of operating a successful buyers agency. As I say to clients, winning the auction or negotiating a great deal is just the end of a long, say 2 – 3-month journey, which commences with helping the client develop a focused and doable Brief. It comes after the hard slog of lots and lots of inspections, before we hit the target and have our moment of glory winning the auction for the client. At least 80% of the work is done before we turn up at the auction, and then it’s up to the market, whether we buy at value, or less, but avoid overpaying.

If you would like to see the well-honed process we go through to buy property for investors and homebuyers, just shoot me an email at mike@strategicbuyersagents.com.au with PLEASE SEND ME THE STRATEGIC PROCESS and I will send you a copy.