Vendor Advocacy

Melbournians, on average, sell their home every 11 years, many longer, so that’s not much experience in selling one of their largest assets -, in a constantly changing property market. Increasingly vendors are outsourcing their house selling management to a Vendors Advocate, to be their project manager. As Vendor Advocates we provide independent advice on pricing your home, sales methods, assess the property and then interview and select the most appropriate agent to work. We then monitor the sales campaign and ensure that the campaign is being managed appropriately. We are there when you need to make critical decisions at the auction or in sales negotiations. Best of all, this independent service is of no cost to you— the fees for the vendors advocate comes out of the selling agents normal commission charge.

By having a vendor advocate, you won’t have to be stressed out by the following tasks associated with selling a property:

  • Interviewing agents—having to know the industry lingo and discerning whether they are being truthful to you; someone who has no one else but your interests
  • Determining your property’s purchase price—knowing your property’s true market appeal and market value
  • Negotiating commissions—when is a commission fair and reasonable? How do you ensure you won’t be ripped off?
  • Getting your property “out there”, advertising it and making sure your listing is active and doesn’t get buried amongst the piles of properties for sale.