1. Buyers could spend hundreds of hours on Search, and never find the property you really want.   Why?: Lack of time, focus and evaluation experience, plus missing off-market properties)

2. Though lack of negotiation experience, you could overpay, or lose the deal.  Why?: Most of sales are now by private sale and the agents you deal with are negotiating all the time, like we are. We have completed 100+ transactions, and counting.)        

3. With little or no bidding experience, you may lose out through lack of ability to appraise value, and lack of bidding experience.
Why?: Buyers need to diagnostic ability and a database to appraise value before the auction. Then they need a bidding strategy, backed by tactical bidding experience.

Strategic Buyers Agents is now providing free 20-min Zoom “Thinking Meetings”, for   those not ready to buy property, but thinking of doing so. Email [email protected] to book.