Strategic Buyers Agents

Melbourne Property Specialists

Melbourne’s professional real estate buying service, located in Camberwell, in the heart of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We are registered with the Victorian Government’s Business Licencing Authority and regulated by Consumer Affairs Victoria.

We buy property for home-buyers and for investors.

We act as Vendors Advocates when sellers want to outsource the big project of getting their home sold successfully. Vendor Advocacy cost the seller nothing and they are paid by the Selling Agent.

Strategic Buyers Agents is headed by Mike McNamara, a Chartered Accountant by training, an MBA graduate, a registered and experienced buyers agent, and a long-term investor in both residential and commercial property. Unlike some big agencies, when we work for you, your desired property becomes our focus, and we do not take on a similar Brief until we together achieve property success.

Our Strategic Alliance is a network of similarly-minded boutique buyers agents in parts of Melbourne that we do not service, and in Sydney and Brisbane. For clients wishing to buy in those locations, we co-ordinate and connect you with the right agent from our network of successful, professional and ethical buyers agents, who each experts in their patch.

Don’t buy property without a Buyers Agent on your side

A registered buyer’s agent on your team is critical in today’s fast-moving property markets, and buying one of the most significant purchases of your lifetime, it’s no time to cut corners or try to DIY. A professional buyers agent will assist you to:

  1. Buy a better property at the best price available, within your Brief.
  2. Source the correct property in the right location with better prospects for capital growth and/or rental yield.
  3. Save time by searching for and analysing property on your behalf. Having a professional do this while you work at your job speeds up your purchase and saves you money, especially in rising market.
  4. Access databases and information not readily available to the public, including access to properties off-market (sometimes called “silent sales”, which never appear on the internet).
  5. Level the playing field by having your own experienced professional representing your interests 100% throughout the purchasing process. The selling agent represents the vendor, not you.
  6. Understand the complexities and processes of buying by providing objective information, advice and support.
  7. Liaise with your other service providers such as lawyer/conveyancer, building inspector, mortgage broker.
  8. Negotiate to obtain the very best price and terms, or bid for you at auction using their experience, confidence, professionalism and strategy.
  9. Eliminate stress by having your representative looking after your needs, rather than dealing with (and giving your details to) many selling agents.