The SBA Approach

Our Complete Property Buying Service has eight key steps:

1. Establishing Your Buying Brief

The first step, our Initial Consultation, is critical, as it’s how we get to establish, in detail, your real divers in seeking a particular property, establishing features that are the “must have’s” though to the “like to have’s” Criteria we will present to you will differ from homebuyer to investors, and may include some you never considered .From your answers and our detailed conversation, we’ll compile Buying Brief, that we use in starting our research, and that we refer to throughout the entire process.

2. Conducting In-depth Search and Research

With the Property Buying Brief agreed, we’re armed with what we need to find the perfect property for you. We research and receive off-market properties from of contacts, eventually we prepare a Short List.

3. Short Listing

You’ll receive by email, a culled list of the best of the properties we’ve located that meet your very specific and personal needs. For investors, we will supply also you with capital growth history and cashflow projections, to assess the viability of your potential investment.

4. Physical Inspection

After you’ve had a chance to carefully review the Short List, it’s time for your inspections. Where you cannot make Open Inspections, we arrange them around your schedule. Of course, if you’re not located in Melbourne area, we’ll send you our photos, or the good and bad, features of the property.

5. Due Diligence Process

As part of our SBA Methodology, our rigorous Due Diligence process is where we add incredible value, reducing your risks on a big purchase, and recommending the appropriate buying price. It involves intense research and assessments on such things as Historic Capital Growth, Comparable Market Analysis, appraisal of value, market trends for the area, and what the seller will likely agree to.

6. Legal & Building Inspection

These important checks but not mandated but we very strongly recommend that you have your property lawyer or conveyancer to review the contract in detail and obtain pre-purchase building inspection. Although you pay directly for these risk management services, we can organise them on your behalf.

7. Auction Bidding or Private Treaty Negotiations

Negotiation expertise and experience is irreplaceable and where we add enormous value to clients who may otherwise miss out on a property, or pay more. Bidding at public auction is something we are used to, after all Melbourne is the auction capital of Australia. As a buyers agent at an auction, there is no intimidation, and the auctioneer knows we are there to buy.

8. Settlement Period Monitoring

We monitor the settlement process of your property purchase as it is handled by the lawyers and lenders right through the end. This means we will be there to advise and help. If you’re an investor, you’ll benefit not only from our experience as property buyers, but assisting you in acquiring qualified property managers, or even trades to do renovations.