It took a while, but we really hit pay-dirt for our client when we came across this 3 BR, street-front townhouse in Burwood East. Before we did the negotiations, the only people though this building were the building inspector and myself. As I have said before, buying good property is SLOW-SLOW-SLOW-FAST.

When we find property like this, with high rent potential, a great 4.2% gross yield, and a small group of only 8, you go for it!

Congrats to our client who has secured a superior, long-term investment.

If you have been considering a investment for some time, now is the time. Providing you can get the loan you need (we have experienced loan brokers!) there will be less competition, and we know where the buyers’ market suburbs are. Our aim, as with the above purchase, is to save you more than the success fee.