We recently bought this great looking established two-storey home in Croydon for a homebuyer. As usual, with our homebuyer and investor clients, we developed a 15-point Brief before we started, and that drives an outcome that satisfies or exceeds our client’s expectations.

In this case, we  targeted 4 suburbs and inspected a vetted list of properties over several weeks before hitting on a gem. Our client was quick to inspect and as the property had been previously sold but at $800,000 (but the contract had fallen over) we quickly started negotiating. Before long, my client has the owner of a spacious, 11 years old, 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2 car garage home for just $786,000.

This will make a wonderful home, very well located, and it is even more satisfying to know that, on it’s history, this property should also make a great investment, and appreciate at about 8% per annum over the long term.

$800 K is now and excellent price point for us to buy well for investors and homebuyers, in Melbourne, but the flat pricing and discounts will not last. If you want to do as well and out client above, we can refer to one of our approved mortgage brokers (no referral fees) to get you started.