Strategic Buyers Agents has just launched a new service to assist First Home Buyers as they surge back into the market, taking advantage of stamp duty discounts and paused/discounted houses and units, in some of Melbourne’s 400 suburbs and precincts.

FHB HELP will provide offer a higher level service, reveal the buyer-advantage suburbs, and offer a new discounted buying service, just for first-time buyers.

We buy for first home buyers each year but many more who could benefit from our expertise, are reluctant for engage us due to the cost, rather than realising the benefits.

FHB HELP will discount and spread the cost, plus demonstrate how of experience of 100+ transactions, can buy for them a better home, with less risk and at a lower price, within their Brief. 

FHB HELP can be your solution to the barriers you have as a first-time homebuyer.

Email for our FHB HELP Brochure, whether for yourself or to pass on to family member or friend.