As mentioned many months ago in Finger On The Pulse, from 1 July 2018 and new opportunity is available to downsizers who sell their home. If over 65 years of age and have lived in the property for a decade, they will be able to contribute $300,000 of the proceeds, per person, into a super fund.

James Kirby of The Australian had written a good summary of the plusses and minuses in a recent article, (below) which I urge any intending downsizers to read.

Strategic Buyers Agents has assisted many downsizers over the last 6 years, using our well-honed and understanding process.

Email and we will send you our Vendor Advocacy Info Sheet, as per our steps below.

  1. We email you Info Sheet on Vendors Advocacy, our fee-free service to assist those who have not sold for a long time, to get the maximum cash out from the sale of their home.
  2. If you wish, a meeting to discuss the move, on a no-obligation/no fee basis, how Vendor Advocacy works, and to discuss how the selling and buying of homes can be co-ordinated.
  3. Appointment as your Vendor Advocate to get the right agent appointed and monitoring of the whole sale process.
  4. At the right time, appointment as your Buyers Agent to get the right next home, in the right suburb, to suit your lifestyle requirements. A co-ordination between the sale and purchase is critical to avoid the cost and inconvenience of a double move.

Here is an example of our co-ordinated Vendor Advocacy/Buyers Agent service:

Mr. M contacted us about selling to downsize to a more comfortable, modern and easy-meantime home. We met with him a couple of times, shortlisted two selected real estate agents to inspect the property, reviewed their submissions, negotiated the best deal, and had one appointed. The property was successfully auctioned, and I immediately went into buying mode. I purchased just what the client wanted, at a much lower value than the sale, in his target suburb, and arranged with him a relaxed changeover. He bought new furniture and is enjoying his new easy-care home.