Our Fees and Benefits

Our Fees

We work largely on a success fee basis, so we succeed together by securing the best available property for you, at the best possible price. Fees depend on which service you would like to utilise and are influenced by how difficult is the task you set for us. See the “Our Services” section. Our clients’ testimonials confirm, over and over, that they have saved time, stress, and money – usually more than our fees.


Benefits of us buying a property for you Our clients come with many different requirements; for Upsizers looking for larger family home, we use our experience to guide you in setting the right objectives and including them in your Brief, Relocators, for work, school or other reasons, we guide you in focusing on suburbs and amenities that will optimise your move Downsizers, seeking a more compact or easier maintenance property, we have the experience to know what makes a successful move Investors , whether in an apartment, villa unit, house or commercial property, we have years of experience, skills, and knowledge to acquire an investment that will be based on the capital growth or cashflow objectives we agree in your Brief. Whatever your objectives, we will save you time, money and stress, while reducing the risks involved in one of the largest purchases that people make in their lives.