If you have been seeking to buy a property, don’t stop just because it’s party-time. Last December, I bid and bought a superb villa for investors, purchasing at no more than the Reserve Price. I also bought my own home at auction in December a few years ago, beating off just two other bidders, and paying less than my appraisal. While other buyers are worn out, or distracted by Christmas functions, we can buy for you. Note that December buying is often off-market, pre-marketing (vendors do not want to wait to auction in Feb) or Private Sale. Some, like one most recent pick-ups, are from failed auctions, where the property was over-priced or not well marketed. Be ready to act fast. When bargains come up over Christmas, you’ve must your finance in order, and providers available, such broker, building inspector and lawyer. (If you do not have good people for this, we do.) Use a buyers’ agent to help secure the best deal, because, believe me, it is more than just about the price. We win for clients with a combination of many factors, using them in various combinations in each circumstance. Factors such a deposit amounts and deposit timing, special conditions, finance clauses. settlement timing, pre-settlement improvements, existing tenancy arrangements, access clauses and more. Our strategies include; >industry contacts for unlisted and pre-marketed properties >getting fast inspections when you are not available >appraising values that help to win the on the day >constructing an offer that will find favour with the vendor >buying before auction >bidding and buying at auction >buying after a passed-in auction.Email: PLEASE SEND YOUR INFO SHEET to [email protected]